12. Marnitz Van Deventer

"I'm not the one, but she is" | Video Credits: Marnitz van Deventer | Featuring: Ruth Ngobeni | Featured Music: Thula Thula (Hush Hush) Miriam Makeba & Harry Belafonte from the album "An Evening with Belafonte/Makeba"


Where are you currently based? 

Albert Street, Albertville, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, Africa, Earth, Universe

In one word, what was most important to keep in your piece from the last?


What kind of work do you usually make? 

I am an actor exploring film-making. I am also an agent and represent about 180 actors. Singing in the shower has also led me to audition for musicals - they prefer however I sing only in the chorus.

Any projects on the horizon?

My focus is currently on my alter ego James Scott - a younger version of myself - who creates entertaining movies/clips/memories for my older self. By using the hashtag #beforeiforget he/I/we explore notions of memory loss by capturing memories on tape and storing them in our YouTube bank. Each video is accompanied by a written text on Wordpress.

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James is a very friendly chap and will gladly accept any Facebook request.