11. Nicholas Marcouiller



I’m reading this book about Homo sapiens right now. It says walking upright helped us spot enemies and prey and freed our hands for tools and signals.

But walking upright also narrowed the hips, constricting the birth canal at a time when our skulls were getting larger. Natural selection consequently favored earlier births.

So we are born half-baked, while baby horses run. Our brains remain malleable. Raising a human suddenly requires a family, a tribe, a territory.

Children can be taught many things: fictions like math and religion. These lessons perpetuate our societies and elevate the essence of humanity (love).

As it turns out, my (love) has nothing to do with making babies. My (love) is not useful. It lays me flat.

A little less skull and a little more hips, please. Tell me another fiction, please. Eat me while I’m fresh. Show me another signal.

I’m not the one.

Where are you currently based? 


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Any projects on the horizon?

Nope! You can check out my UX/UI stuff at nicholasmarcouiller.com, and say hello at nicholasmarcouiller@gmail.com.