Week 41: Taylor Halftime

October 8 - 14



"To Jon" from "Taylor Halftime, music by Taylor Halftime, conversation by Jon and Taylor

to jon
by taylor peterson

im leaving this city soon

thinking about that time in your car
not sure if you remember it all
you were drunk and going 60 down a residential street
galaxy 500 was blaring

i remember you telling me before we left the bar that 
you weren't sure if the airbags worked

i remember not caring

i remember as we were going down oak st
watching the parked cars fly passed us
you were hard on me


i needed that

as we approach the end
of our summer
all we're left with
is an empty bottle of bourbon
a full ashtray
charred puppets
a detuned ukukele
romances that can never be
and a disjointed
		on going

you are my friend
whether you like it or not


Texts I received this week:

I still like you even if you can’t be with me I understand. I just want you to know I’ll be alright 


Hey it’s Alex


Alarm is set so make sure you turn it off when you get home also I may work a little late if you can puppy sit for me after work


that’s nice

I think you’re gonna chop wood and carve jewelry and hike in the mountains and get naked in groups and I’m actually quite excited for these things to come in your life


Weird man I didn't sleep last night either