10. Stevie King


Where are you currently based? 

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

In one word, what was most important to keep in your piece from the last?


What kind of work do you usually make? 

That's a tough question. Truth is I'm still figuring that out. I know right now that I really enjoy making people laugh. I like teasing, making fun of, and lingering on intimacy beyond the point I'm comfortable. There are a lot of things that scare me right now. My future, my body, my gender, so I'm hoping my work let's me face those fears. Or at least make me laugh at them.

Any projects on the horizon?

There's a HUGE project cumming this summer! SISSY on tour! SISSY is a comedy my friends and I put together last year. It's about four naughty sissies stretching, sucking, and swallowing their pride for their hung (coughs) ... sorry I meant humble ... Coach BJ. Starring Darius Rivera, Eddie Miller, Graham Mortier, and Michael Hogan as the Sissies with Rae Egan as Coach BJ and Robin Mackey as my kick ass co-director. For more info, check out our website at http://sissytourusa.wix.com/sissy or http://www.gofundme.com/sissytourusa - There you can find out where we're touring and how you can help us get SISSY on the road.