4. Sam Virgilio, Claudia Moreno, & Brittany Burns

"Live and Rest at Sunset" by Sam Virgilio with Claudia Moreno & Brittany Burns | Music: Resolve by Nathan Lanier


Where are you currently based? 

Chicago, IL

What was most important to keep in your piece from the last?

Shifts in Environment 

What kind of work do you usually make? 

Dance Theatre

Any projects on the horizon?

We're very excited to continue the Trapping Butterflies movement in Chicago after our Valentine's Day debut at Links Hall. Trapping Butterflies is initiative to use dance as a vehicle for raising awareness about domestic violence through victims and their stories. This movement is a tribute to Ashley Hall, a dancer who lost her life in 2013 at the hands of her own husband. Ashley believed, and we believe, that through dance we can hear the voices of those that the outside world has kept in silence. It's time victims, loved ones, and allies stand tall and speak up against domestic violence.

For information and to follow the movement visit www.samanthavirgilio.com and check out the Trapping Butterflies tab.