1. Katelyn Douglass & Kelly Lamanna

Neighborhood window in Suyeong, Busan, South Korea shot by Katelyn Douglass.


Where are you currently based? 

Kelly is based in New York City and Katelyn is based in Chicago, IL.

How did this begin?

After graduating from school and immediately moving far away from our friends and family, one of us farther than the other, Katelyn and I were looking for a way to collaborate over a long distance, and connect other artists who were recently displaced. Inspired by a party game called "paper telephone", we decided to start a project that strings together an ensemble across disciplines and over continents. Between Busan, South Korea and quiet western Massachusetts, we created Richard. You know, that one uncle on your mother's side?

Like what you see?

Currently, Katelyn is working on a night of theatre "Carrie vs Fanciness vs the Void," a double feature of theatre including the Chicago premiere of Fanciness vs. the Void by Savannah Reich and Coaching Carrie: an original, two-woman theatrical performance devised from the 1976 film Carrie with her fellow collaborator, Audrey Polinski. Come get bloody and weird: May 7th & 8th 8pm @ Unity Lutheran Church, 1212 W. Balmoral Ave, Chicago, IL


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