Week 35: Hanz Odaga 

August 28 - September 3

New York 


24hr feast is a 1-4 player competitive card game where your goal as the player is to collect the most calories by the end of the game. Each round you earn calories by using the food cards or using restaurant cards to disrupt other players. The game in total has 50 cards and continues until the deck is exhausted or a player reaches 100,000 calories.   


Stages of Play

  1. Draw Phase - Each Turn a player refills their hand to 5 cards

  2. Place Phase - Each player choose 3 cards to play this round and places them face down in front of them

  3. Reveal Phase - The player reveal their cards and resolve their actions from the oldest to the youngest player

  4. Weight Phase - the player add their calories to their total calories and end their turn.


Counting Calories

Players add their calories as dictated by the card’s base calories. Each food card also fits into one or more food categories allowing the player to earn bonus calories if cards in the same category are played in their order in one round. These categories will also award extra points at the end of the game

Each round if a player’s order has 2 or more food items from the same food category it is an additional 1000 calories.


Rotating Awards

The Rotating Awards are given

Herbivore - the player with the most vegetables gets 2000 calories

Diabetes - the player with the most dessert items gets an additional 5000 calories

High Cholesterol - the player with the most meat  gets an additional 8000 calories


Cards included are 25 restaurant Cards and 25 food cards


The 25 Restaurant Cards

  1. Wrong Order - the target player has discard the food items in their order and replace it with the first X (where x is the number of discard food items) in the discard

  2. Where’s My Fork? - You cannot eat dinner or desserts category food this round

  3. Can I have a bite? - You receive half the caloric value of one of the target opponent's foods

  4. Unexpectedly Vegan - target player's food item is worth  

  5. Praise Seitan! - target player’s food item is made of Seitan!

  6. Its Kosher -  you are immune to restaurant cards for this turn

  7. Its Halal -  you are immune to restaurant cards for this turn unless you have pork in your order

  8. There’s a Fly in my soup! - Roll the dice, the player with the lowest number loses the caloric value of one food item this round

  9. Eww roaches - Roll the dice, the player with the lowest number loses the caloric value of one food item this round

  10. Rat Infestation - The restaurant has been taken over by rats! Target player loses two of their food items (show with pizza rat icon)

  11. IBS -  you gotta go fast! Lose half the caloric value of your whole meal for this round

  12. No Shoes, No Shirt, NO SERVICE! - target player is not served anything this turn. Including restuarant cards

  13. Crushing - your server has a crush on you! Search the discards or deck for a milkshake card and add it to your order

  14. Little Brother - your little brother is hungry too! You give him one of your food items

  15. Part of the Family - You are sharing your meal with the family! Receive half the caloric value

  16. Coffee - did you know coffee is a diuretic? Target loses half the caloric value of a food item played this round

  17. Forgot your wallet - Target player left his wallet has to sit out next round and do dishes

  18. Mega Size it - target food item has been doubled! Receive 2x the calorie value

  19. All day Breakfast - Target played can go through the discard or draw player and replace his food items with any breakfast food item

  20. Runner - YOU WENT RUNNING? Target player lose 200 calories

  21. Workout - Ew the gym? Target players loses 400 calories

  22. Wine - Target Player receives an extra 500 calories if eating a dinner item

  23. Let's have a beer - Target player and an additional player of the target player’s choosing roll the dice in turns. The player who manages to roll a 2 or below first is drunk and can’t keep their order this turn. They discard their food items & restaurant cards

  24. Munchies - Target player’s hunger is insatiable. Draw one food item from the discard or draw pile and add it to your order for this round.  

  25. Food court - Target player can look through all other players unused cars for this turn and trade it with the opponent


Monday: Apartment Hunting

Tuesday Went to Warby Parker & Dine with my bestie

Wednesday Went to Trivia at Whole Foods 

Thursday Stayed late at work and Played the Witcher 

Friday Karaoke & Riverdale marathon

Saturday Riverdale Marathon and trying to make all of the 24-hour feast

Sunday Played Dungeons and Dragons & Went to Bar Trivia