12. Katie Friedman & Wade Howard


Where are you currently based? 

Tallahassee, FL

In one word, what was most important to keep in your piece from the last?


What kind of work do you usually make? 

Katie: I usually make tailored coats in the costume shop. Actually, I typically work with George McConnell on his devised pieces. When I do solo pieces I usually start out by asking myself what kind of mood I want to create, then I pick a few tasks to do. Sometimes I think I make metaphorical things but I keep the metaphors to myself. 

Any projects on the horizon?

Katie: Wade is currently producing and co-directing his play, "John and Irene Killed a Guy", which goes up February 20-22nd. He is one of the smart, funny, and cute Artistic Directors for FLOW: a Ten Minute Play Festival. He will also appear in Jurassic Park: The Musical in March. 

I am currently making fake blood/helping Wade design "John and Irene Killed a Guy". I am also working on my thesis which will be an installation that will open April 17th at Gaines St. (next to Olde Fields Clothing Co/St. Michael's). I will be performing in Nowhere Now ( directed by George McConnell) at the end of February at Ivory Towers in Railroad Square Art Park.

Katie Friedman:  http://katiemichellefriedman.weebly.com/

Wade Howard:  http://wadescotthoward.weebly.com/

Nowhere Now:    https://www.facebook.com/events/431440883677459/

John and Irene:  https://www.facebook.com/events/348336232038031/