Week 37: Katie Friedman

September 10 - 16



me on floor.jpg

This is a list of texts from the weekend I received my prompt (incoming and outgoing)

I tell her to urban dictionary it.

Hey dude. I don't think I can make it.

I kinda want to ask you to come over and cuddle cuz I'm really scared.

She was telling one of her long stories. She's been spending too much time on the phone texting her plans...and then our plans change. Wasting time. Brad, Patti, and I worked on this puzzle for the last 4 hours. Wish I had more.

Did they shut the water off for the whole building?

Juan and I will be over in 45 min-an hour.

AT&T Free Msg: As Hurricane Irma continues to make its way toward Florida we'd like to help out during this difficult time. You won't be charged for any talk, text, and data overages from 9/8- 9/17. Go to att.com/hurricanirma for more info.


Currently I'm fighting with weebly to get my domain fixed.

Check out this though hotkitchencollective.com