Week 34: Mike Brunlieb

August 20 - 26



"Me Dennys" from Mike Brunlieb


I don't normally do this, but this week it was slow at work so I watched a couple movies and one night Meg and I watched a movie, so I ended up seeing 5 movies this week, and I probably normally watch 0.25 movies a week. Without meaning to, some of them kinda fit together: RollerballWorld on a Wire Part 1Straight Time, a short 15 minute comedy whose title I forget - it was about some goofy postal workers who deliver letters on their bikes, and good old The Matrix. Three of them are like dystopian nightmare movies. Straight Time is sort of dystopian but it's like the real world - I guess that's a tragedy? The postal service one was really a goofy funny treat. I find myself loving these nightmare worlds more and more. Places where ugliness has just totally won and is celebrated and worshiped.


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