Week 13: Ann Juries

March 27 - March 31

Cape Town, South Africa

"Ma" by Antjie Krog English Translation from Ann: Mom, I'm writing this poem to you/ Because you raise me up/ With your crooked little hands/ And reprimand me with your sharp words/ You turn your head/ full of knowledge/ You laugh and bring me back to earth/ And every night you offer me/ WENDING/ To your Lord God/ Your ears with the mold/ beauty spots/ small ears = my only telephone/ Your house my only Bible/ Your name protects me against the storms of life/ I'm so sorry mom/ that I am not everything that I want to be for you

Ann Juries 

Ann Juries 

Title : Un Noticed

Camera : Reiner May

Editor Bilo Lwabona

Cast : Ann Juries

Poem: "Ma" by Antjie Krog 

My week has been dedicated to "meeting" new people and connecting with old friends. This isnt always easy when you're trying to love yourself despite the failures that each day holds. But I have been able to see more opportunity in each day -and each encounter with every person has energised my love for humanity. SA faces a  difficult time, we contemplate where it all went wrong again and how our land became infected by corruption and violence. Our girls are going missing. Our boys are getting shot and we are scared. Yet we make and create art because we must. This week I have had to dig deep to keep carrying on.